Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses

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Oakley has established itself as the last word in cycling eyewear, with the Jawbreaker its most recognised design.

But it’s more than just prestige that has made the Jawbreaker so popular, with a host of features that provide real world benefits above and beyond the obvious aesthetic quality.

Above all is Oakley’s patented high definition optics that provide razor-sharp clarity and a wide field of vision.

However, with its Unobtainium components, unique anti-fogging tech, cooling surge ports, and Switchlock innovation for fast lens swapping, the Jawbreakers present a compelling cocktail of quality few can resist.

“The Prizm Road lenses are just unbelievable! So much detail and contrast. You can wear them in all conditions from low light to bright sunlight. Very comfortable too.”


  • Extended field of view in the upper peripheral region
  • Unobtanium earsocks and nosepad
  • Switchlock interchangeable lens technology
  • Patented High Definition Optics

Note, not all products are available internationally.