Selle Italia Diva Gelflow

All gain no pain
Award WiNNER

The comfort of a saddle will always depend largely on the body shape of the user, so the unanimity of positivity for the Selle Italia Diva Gelflow Racing Saddle is impressive.

Offering a highly-supportive platform with advanced padding, it has a sporty, streamlined shape, and large central cut-out with gel inserts in key areas. Even on the longest rides, the Diva Gelflow will helps prevent pressure spikes or discomfort on sensitive parts and that’s a huge win for many riders.

These features, along with exceptional build quality by Selle, have made it a hugely popular choice among both road and MTB female riders, and ensured its position as one of the best ways to improve your cycling experience.

“Can’t fault this seat. Bought one day before a 90km bike comp and didn’t have any problems with it. No niggles or numb bum throughout the ride. Would definitely recommend it.”


  • Leather cover
  • Dense foam padding with gel inserts
  • Nylon shell with 10% carbon fibre
  • Manganese tube rails   
  • Weight: 255g

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