Campagnolo Zonda C17 Road Clincher Wheelset

Award WiNNER

There are few things in the world that are universally liked, but Campagnolo’s Zonda C17 road clinchers are the exception. With zero negative reviews from almost 100 contributors, the Zonda C17s have united the cycling community in praise.

It’s difficult to get a wheelset of this weight at this price, and it is that defining quality which continues to compel cyclists of all levels to champion this wheelset in clubs and forums everywhere.

But it’s the rigidity and quality, typical of a Campagnolo product, that surprises and delights riders, who praise its every aspect – bearings, spokes, and rims – helping this spectacular wheelset outshine all other aluminium clinchers.

“This is a huge improvement over my stock wheels. The acceleration improvement is noticeable and I’m holding higher speeds much easier. It’s fun going faster with less effort. All the positive reviews made the decision to buy these easy.” – The Gripper


  • Aluminium rim
  • Differentiated rim height
  • Precision milling to eliminate excess weight Aluminium oversize flange
  • MEGA G3™ pattern
  • Cup and cone bearings
  • Self-locking nipples

Note, not all products are available internationally.

Prime RR-50 SE Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Prime’s RR-50 SE Carbon Clincher Wheelset has won plaudits from riders around the world for delivering the advantages of carbon construction to the everyday cyclist. “Wow,” was what reviewer MooseSandals said, adding he was “shocked” at the pace and the price. His is just one of many five-star reviews praising the power and performance of these premium Prime hoops.

Note, not all products are available internationally.