HIGH5 Zero (8 Pack)

Does what it promises
Award WiNNER

You drop a tab into your water bottle on long rides and it replaces the salts you lose through sweat. It really doesn’t get much easier than High5’s Zero electrolyte tabs, and riders everywhere know and trust these tabs to stave off the horrid headache you get when your electrolytes are depleted.

Over 97% of reviewers recommend High5’s tabs, with many describing them as “invaluable”. The low price, especially in the multi-pack format, is especially welcome, but the value of remaining cramp-free on a long ride speaks for itself.

Most riders also enjoy the taste, which is an added bonus, so it’s little wonder High5 were awarded five-star reviews by so many.

“Zero tabs definitely keep you hydrated on those long and hot rides. They’re easy to use and convenient enough to take along with you when you need to fill up your water bottles along the way.” – ScottBikeGuy


  • Light and refreshing with a hint of fruit
  • Including Vitamin C and electrolytes
  • Zero calories
  • Suitable for a wide range of sporting activities
  • Natural flavours
  • No artificial colours or preservatives

Note, not all products are available internationally.

Science In Sport GO Isotonic Energy Gel Mixed Pack

Science in Sport have set the bar in sports nutrition, combining great products with detailed nutritional research which they share openly on their site. Their GO Isotonic Energy Gel provide hydration and energy and can springboard your performance, staving off a slump on long rides. Used by top athletes, many reviewers praised them for their taste and ease of use, earning them a highly commended spot in our awards.

Note, not all products are available internationally.