Five Ten Freerider MTB Shoes

Made a great difference to my riding
Award WiNNER

Five Tens and mountain biking have become inextricably linked over the past 20 years.

Its famous stealth rubber was initially invented in the mid-80s for rock climbers but since the early 2000s, the compound has been busy helping stick feet to the MTB flat pedals of both casual riders and world champions.

The brand’s iconic ‘5’ logo is as common a sight on the trail as trees, and, as you would expect, riders are only too happy to write rave reviews about these ubiquitous kicks.

But it’s not all about the sticky soles. While the Freeriders don’t deviate far from other Five Tens in terms of styling, they do offer subtle design features that riders appreciate. Their quality constructed uppers and comfortable, supportive midsole, meanwhile, contribute considerably to the shoe’s consistent popularity.

Today, Five Tens remain the world’s most popular flat pedal shoe and are considered by many to be a modern design classic.

“These shoes are extremely lightweight, super comfortable and super grippy. So happy with the purchase.”


  • Stealth® S1 rubber outsole for unbeatable grip
  • One-piece molded cup sole for added durability
  • Classic Dotty™ tread for superior pedal traction
  • Lace closure
  • Textile lining
  • Medium-flex midsole

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