100% Racecraft Goggle – Mirror

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Among the standout features cited in reviews of these 100% Racecraft Goggles is their ventilation. Few goggles have managed to solve the common problem of misting quite as effectively as 100%, and this combined with the Racecraft’s many features make it a standout product.

This ventilation is achieved with patent-pending air intakes that don’t interfere with the goggle’s integrity, while an advanced anti-fogging coating contributes to the clear view.

Another popular addition is the soft foam, which not only prevents sweat from creeping into the eyes, but also offers some welcome comfort on the trail.

Delivered with tear-off strips, a removable nose guard, a high-quality lens, and compatible with a vast range of helmets, it’s little wonder 97% of reviewers recommend them.

“Usually I’m not one for writing reviews but these goggles blew me away. They rarely become foggy and the extra lens and tear offs are a great addition.” – Jack1502


  • Removable Nose Guard
  • Triple layer moisture managing foam
  • Anti-fog coated Lexan lens for flawless vision
  • Patent pending ait intake channels

Note, not all products are available internationally.

100% Accuri Goggles – Clear

With a huge number of five-star reviews, 100% have secured a huge following for their Accuri goggles. Some 97% of reviewers recommended them for their clear lens, anti-fog tech, and impressive value. Sherides summed up the feeling among most wearers, writing: “These googles look great, feel great and have a great price. What’s not to like?”

Note, not all products are available internationally.