RockShox Revelation RC Forks

Great Upgrade
Award WiNNER

RockShox Revelation RC forks are one of the most popular fork units available. Like all RockShox forks, they look great, but it’s the performance they offer for the price that really sets them apart.

Bouncing with technology, the Revelation RCs feature bottomless tokens allowing riders to easily dial in their suspension preferences.

Meanwhile, printed sag gradients and air guides prevent the need for trail-side measurements; motion control helps out in the climbs, torque caps provide better bonding between hub and fork, and the list of features goes on and on.

You will require no suspension of disbelief when putting these shocks to the dirt, as the RC forks truly are a revelation.

“Bought these at a great price and have been really happy with them. For the type of trail riding I do, these have stood up to the test of time with no problems as of yet and have been pleased with the amount of adjustment they have.” – Roadrider2016


  • Friction-reducing DebonAir™ air spring
  • Motion Control™ damping
  • External compression adjustment
  • Diffusion Black finish

Note, not all products are available internationally.